Micro Wallet

Don’t be fooled by it’s size, this little case holds more than you can imagine.

This cardholder easily fits inside a pants front pocket and frees you from carrying a bulky wallet. You can keep your credit cards inside, fold and slide your bills into the outside pocket and by putting your access and transportation cards in the easy access back pocket you can slide your wallet without having to take them out. And due to the natural flexibility of the leather the interior capacity can be literally stretched from four cards to six by gradually adding once card at a time.

It’s cut from a single piece of cow hide and made entirely by hand, with saddle stitching with waxed thread. It’s fastened with metal snap closures.

Due to the nature of leather all of our pieces are one of a kind and have different textures, color gradings and markings. Metal accessories coating color can be different from the ones that shown in this photo.

Size : 6 X 9,8 cm.

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