Ipad Organizer 9.7''

Our take on ‘practicality’; an iPad organiser for your daily life, created with our ‘just enough’ design mentality.

This organiser will keep all your daily necessities neatly in place providing easy access to your cell phone, notebooks, pens, cards and earphones along with your tablet.

All pieces are cut from cowhide and are saddle-stitched with waxed thread by hand. Custom copper hardware has been used to improve the ease of usage and the durability of our products.

Due to the nature of leather all of our pieces are one of a kind and have different textures, color gradings and markings. Metal accessories coating color can be different from the ones that shown in this photo.

Suitable for iPad 9.7'', Ipad Air 10.5'', Ipad Pro 11'' (with keyboard cover) and iPad Air2.

Size : 22,5 X 28,5 cm.